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Faith That Sustains   And without faith it is impossible to please God Hebrews 11:6 (NIV) During seasons of challenge, it is more vital than ever to maintain an unwavering faith in God's promises. In this inspiring 3-disc series, Pastor Paula White explores the biblical keys and practical strategies for developing a rock-steady faith that will sustain you during times of turmoil and trouble touch the heart of God and release His sustenance, provision, and resurrection power into your life!   Disc One: "Working Your Faith" Are you in need of a transformation in your life? Faith forms the foundation of your relationship with God and when your faith is challenged, you can't believe and call forth His promises! Paula explores the strategies and keys to developing a faith that works -- that the enemy can't shake!   Disc Two: "Faith for Release" To release God's ultimate destiny in your life, you will need to develop a crazy faith -- the kind of power that allowed Moses to guide God's people through the Red Sea! Paula reveals the necessary steps to building a level of faith that will give you access to God's miracle-working power.   Disc Three: "Formed by Faith" If you've ever asked, God, why is this happening to me -- why is everything in my life going wrong? - now discover how God forms us into the image of Christ through the wilderness experience. Paula explores this vital place of change that each of us goes through to become more like Christ and the role of faith in our re-formation. *Shipping and Handling - $3.95

Faith That Sustains 3-CD Series

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