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Being Transformed is all about moving from basic faith to spiritual maturity. When we first come to Christ, it is truly a joyous time. We discover that all of our old life of sin and shame has been replaced by the righteouness of our Savior. We have become new creations in Christ: Old things have passed away; behold, all thing have become new ( 2 Corinthians 5:17). The Holy Spirit give us a hunger to know God, we begin to delve deeply into His Word. As we do so, we start to discover all of the awesome blessings that are ours because of our adoption into God's family through Christ. As Paul emphasizes in the first chapter of Ephesians, we begin to understand more fully whatis the hope of His calling in our lives, the riches of His inheritance toward us, and the exceding greatness of His power in our lives. We discover that God has a wonderful plan and destiny for each of our lives. As we grow, it also becomes apparent that there are issues in our lives that must be addressed in order for us to fully embrace that destiny for which God has created us. That is where our maturity in Christ really begins, where we are sanctified, set apart, and prepared for the birthing of our dreams. In this eight-week gude to spiritual transformation, I want to share with you the process of refining, testing, sifting, and maturing that God puts each of his children through to prepare them for the door of destiny. It is the process where the wheat is separated from the chaff in your life, where all the encumbrances to God's best for you are stripped away, and find yourself freed to soar into a new place in your faith! No, transformation is not easy, and sometimes can be downright painful. But God promises us that afterward it yields the peaceble fruit of rightousness to those who have been trained by it (Hebrew 12:11). You were created for destiny! Join me in this eight-week guide to spiritual transformation. My prayer is that through it you will be raised to a new level in your walk with God. -Paula White *Shipping and Handling - $3.95    


  Audio: 8 CDs Published date: 2007 Language: English Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches Total Runtime: 3:41:54

8 Week Guide to Spiritual Transformation - 8-CD/Book

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