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  In this insightful collection, Paula reveals how God's power of transformation is much like the butterfly effect- the concept that when a butterfly flaps its wings in one location, it can completely transform the environment of another. Through these uplifting teachings, discover how God's principles can transform your life, today! #1: Faith. Everything God has done is done by faith. #2: Purpose. As a child of God, you must realize there is purpose in whatever you do. #3: Authenticity. You must discover your own true and unique God-design. #4: Principle. Principles keep us aligned with the will of God. #5: Discipline. It is said that great people do daily what others do occasionally. #6: Accountability. The Power of Next builds relationships on respect, loyalty, trust. #7: Courage. Courage is resistance to fear, and mastery of fear- not absence of fear. #8: Perseverance. Perseverance means you develop the ability to Stick To It! #9: Forgiveness. God places love in our hearts He can place forgiveness there as well. #10: Love. Love is the ultimate life lesson; it heals and provides foundation for growth. Paula has made it her life's mission to transform the lives of people across the world for the better. Using a variety of platforms, she continues to carry the message of hope to a world in need. Whether wearing the hat of Television host, Pastor, Philanthropist, or Mom; her deepest desire is to make a difference.   *Shipping and Handling - $3.95

Butterfly Effect - 2-CD

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