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What does the Holy Spirit do? How does the Holy Spirit move? How do I know when the Holy Spirit is moving? WHO IS THE Holy Spirit?
John 6 describes the Holy Spirit as a comforter, Acts 1 describes the Holy Spirit as inherent power capable of reproducing itself. In this insightful and powerful series, Pastor Paula White unlocks the mysteries in the identity of the Holy Spirit.

  • In Disc 1, "And You Shall Receive Power", you will gain a dynamic understanding to the power contained within. The Holy Spirit is with you, strengthening you in your deepest, darkest night ‑ learn how to recognize and utilize this power.
  • In Disc 2, "Developing an Intimate Relationship", teaches you how unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit hinges on a deep and intimate relationship. You will learn how walking with the Holy Spirit can revolutionize your life and the lives of those around you.
Discover your own identity as you gain a true understanding of the power contained within as you walk in intimate relationship with the life changing knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit? 2-DVD Series

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