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Dear friend,

One of the most effective ways for doing ministry is partnering together. Partnership in ministry is a catchy name for us “in covenant, working together”. Paula White Ministries being the hands and feet spreading the love of God around the world, feeding and clothing those in need, sharing the Gospel of Jesus, making a difference and uniting people to take back our country for God. And then the essential part: you, by supporting the ministry. Without your covenant partnership support we would not be able to make that impact. Each requires the other… Covenant Partnership.

Your decision to make the commitment to partner with me, with your generous monthly ministry gift is a covenant decision. God is a God of Covenants and Principles. Simply pray about it, and use one of the options below to decide what kind of Partnership level you are to do.

Love, Paula

Use this form to sign up for partnership with Paula White Ministries.

By setting up a reoccurring monthly gift to Paula White Ministries, you will automatically be enrolled into one of our Partnership Programs. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your first Partnership gift.

If at any time you desire to cancel your partnership please call Paula White Ministries’ customer service line at (407) 641-4136. You can also sign up for partnership by calling (407) 641-4136. Thank you.
 $25.00 per month. Covenant Partners receive monthly newsletter and Sermon
 $50.00 per month, Life Transformer Partners receive above plus Monthly Gift Box
 $100.00 per month, Pillar Partners receive above plus Paula's Exclusive KJV Bible
  Partnership is a monthly recurring committment
Make my first payment of now.
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