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There is power in your thoughts, because what controls our mind, controls our life! Paula's brand-new book will help you understand WHY you think what you think. It will help you identify the destructive patterns of thought so that you can change them.

For your ministry gift of $20, we will send to you Paula’s incredible new book… a step by step guide walking you through topics like: The Spiritual Mind, No More Masks, Breaking The Mold, Revelation Thinking, What’s Holding You Back, What Do We Really Think? …and much much more!

For your ministry gift of $30 or more, in addition to the brand-new book , we will rush to you the new companion 2-disc series on audio CD “The Power of Your Thoughts” as well.


We have provided you several convenient methods in which you can donate to Paula White Ministries. Please feel free to choose one of the additional methods below:

  1. For text giving send the text message to 45777 and enter "PWM"
  2. Call our customer service number at 1-800-PAULA-17 to give a donation
  3. You can use a credit card or PayPal to complete your donation on the next page!

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