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Free with a donation of $60.00 or more... Includes: 4-DVD set of Pastor Paula and 5 key guest speaker messages from the Unleashed Alive Conference 2018 "Don't Stop Believin'" Best-Selling Book by Paula's husband Jonathan Cain of the epic rock band, Journey. Pastor Paula teams up with her beloved husband, Jonathan Cain, to offer you this inspired "Double-Down Deal" as a FREE gift bundle for your kind donation to Paula White Ministries. The Unleashed 2018 4-DVD which include 6 inspiring and powerful messages on 4 DVD%u2019s, including Paula, Real Talk Kim, Terri Savelle Foy, Pushie Watson, Dr. Tim Clinton, and Prophet Gideon! ( DVD ONLY ) Plus, You will receive a hard-cover limited edtion of Jonathan Cain's new best-selling book, "Don't Stop Believin'".

Unleashed 2018 4-DVD/Book Double-Down Deal

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