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Does your life feel like it is spinning out of control? Don't know where you are going ... or how to get there if you did? Is the clutter of life-sapping your joy? It doesn't have to be that way! God has a perfect plan and order for your life.

He wants you to experience blessings, promise, and provision for His purposes and glory. The key is to keep first things first, according to God's commands. Maybe you are struggling with emotional baggage, bad habits, unhealthy relationships or poor financial decisions. In FIRST THINGS FIRST, Paula White will show you how to effectively rearrange your life through the principle of First Fruits so that you can walk in the fullness of God in every area of your life.

Table of Contents

Dedication Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 -- First Things First Chapter 2 -- You Can Have a BIG LIFE Chapter 3 -- Clear the Clutter Chapter 4 -- The First Fruits Principle Chapter 5 -- Putting First Fruits Into Action Chapter 6 -- Unacceptable Offering Chapter 7 -- One Step of Faith ... A Giant Leap In God Chapter 8 -- First Results

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First Things First - Ebook

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