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We refuse to wear masks and play games 2 Corinthians 4:1-2 (The Message Bible) In this insightful series, Paula White examines the vital keys to dropping the emotional masks people wear to hide from a painful past. Discover how freedom begins when you drop your mask and embrace who you are as God's child. You are authentic when you are living your life according to God's truth of who you are! This download contains the following sections:
  • Section 1: Dealing With Disappointments
  • Section 2: It's Just A Matter Of Time
  • Section 3: It's Time For Confrontation
  • Section 4: Living Authentic To Yourself
*These downloads are not downloadable on an iPad or iPhone without an app. We recommend you first download to your computer and then transfer to your device.
(4 files. Total size approx. 255.2MB)

No More Masks - Download

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